Transitioning to ISO-9001:2015

By: Steve Nikolaou Date: 2019-03-29

SciQual LogoWith our third-party ISO Quality Assurance audit now completed, Nikolaou Associates is pleased to announce it has met the requirements for accreditation to the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard of Quality Assurance.

It was pleasing for us that the audit report noted the absence, once again, of any non-conformances for 2019.  A general observation documented by the auditor in the report was that “The 'in house' developed management system supports the current activities and future aspirations of the business.  The management system is used in a manner that clearly meets the intent of the standard."  Our certificate of compliance can be viewed  here

From inception, Nikolaou Associates has been committed to applying the best available approaches to project delivery.  Our formal operational management system has been third-party certified since 2013, and has evolved steadily since its initial launch under the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.  Of note have been enhancements with the integration of more advanced information technologies, and a gradual re-alignment of focus to a risk management approach.  We have found that the application of a risk assessment approach coupled with robust document control and access has led to notable confidence gains in project delivery.

As a core requirement of implementation of our quality control, new staff and contractors are inducted to our system and processes immediately upon commencement.  In addition, we actively seek ways to seamlessly adapt to, and interface with, the systems used by our clients and project consultants, as appropriate after having assessed the requirement.  Recognising that this sort of flexibility entails its own challenges, we have accorded issues of security and communication primary importance.  This has led us to adopt rigorous approach to security practices involving secure connections, controlled access to information and regular, robust on, and offline, backup of data.