East Ipswich Station proposed to be upgraded

By: Steve Nikolaou Date: 2019-07-24

Platform View 1A significant milestone has been achieved for the East Ipswich Station with the establishment of a Concept Design for its upgrade and redevelopment. The works are part of the Queensland Rail Station Accessibility Upgrade Program and Nikolaou Associates is proud to have been involved in the design concept phase of this important upgrade in association with Architectus on a sub-consultancy basis.


The intention of the upgrade is to make the station and its environs easier and safer for commuters to use. Among the features of the upgrade are a new pedestrian footbridge with lift access, additional shelters and fully raised platforms. All this has been achieved with a modern and striking integrated design and provision of up to date facilities.


Further information on the progress of this project can be found here at the Queensland Rail website.External View 1